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Beautifully Pitch Potential Partners

Eventivist gives you a way to represent your sponsorship opportunities to any potential sponsor partner by allowing you to easily create a beautiful sponsorship opportunity page with all the information that partners need in order to say "Yes" to partnering with you.

Simplify Communication

Whether you're talking with one partner or one hundred, Eventivist simplifies your communication by keeping it all in one place.


Manage Sponsorship Opportunities

Our tools make it extraordinarily easy for you to let sponsors know about the different sponsorship opportunities you have, and what benefits they'll get out of partnering with your event.

Easily Share your opportunities

Because your event sponsorship opportunity page has its own unique web address, you're able to easily share it with potential partners via social media or email both pre and post event. Sponsors can also easily search for and find your page on Eventivist.


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After your free year, upgrade your account to plans starting as low as $10 per month.

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